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CCM's driver safety program can help you avoid the high costs of property damage, liability and injuries associated with fleet vehicle accidents.
Even your most experienced drivers need periodic reminders about the importance of safe driving.  Corporate Claims Management has developed one of the most advanced programs for capturing, analyzing and evaluating an individual's driving habits within the fleet and risk environment.
These two metrics enable a fleet, risk, safety or insurance manager to accurately make driver-specific safety recommendations, which can range from a private meeting with the driver to a rigorous training program that addresses each area of deficiency.

CCM offers MVRs or our Safety Program individually.  However, to achieve the most comprehensive results, utilization of CCM's accident management program will assure the most accurate assessment of driver habits, causes and solutions.

CCM has developed a highly customizable program designed to match the unique needs of any organization.  This proprietary product addresses state-by-state point violations and accident data, compiling all the information into a normalized online, client-specific application.  Each client can view the raw data in its generic state or create customized profiles best suited towards internal policies.
Clients can take advantage of several services as stand-alone products, or combine processes with favorable pricing to address their needs.  Products include:

Driver Skill Enhancement Program
Customized on-site training at locations convenient to your drivers.
Online Training Services
Training modules that combine animation, graphics and audio to make the learning experience interactive and engaging.
Consulting Services
Driver safety specialists who respond directly to the specific fleet safety issues you face.
Special Topic Seminars
A wide range of seminars that enable you to achieve your goals.
Training Products
The bimonthly OnRoads magazine, Computer-Based Training (CBT) and thought-provoking driver safety manuals.
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